PEG kit

PEG kit

PEG kit

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It is used for Arthroplasty, Spain, Trauma and Wound Care, for the cleaning of necrotic tissue, bacteria and foreign matter. Shorten the time of wound debridement, reducing the infection and operative complications.

CE 0123

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    The  Gastrostomy  Feeding  Tube  allow  for  delivery  of  enteral  nutrition  and  medication  directly  into  the  stomach and/or gastric decompression.  Mainly suitable for Gastrostomy  patients


    • Minimizing  trauma  during  surgery.
    • Made of 100% medical grade silicone, the tube is soft & clear.
    • X-ray opaque line through the whole tube.
    • The balloon is glued to the main tube both inside and outside, it is elastic and flexible.
    • Fully  equipped,easily  operated.
    • Good  biocompatibility.
    • Y Type locking joint, no leakage.
    • The size from  12Fr to 24Fr,color code for distinguish different size.

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