Medical consumables

Medical consumables

  • Hemodialysis blood tube

    Hemodialysis blood tube

    Product Detail “Medical grade raw materials, stable technical indicators Protect the sampling port of the wing, intimate protection to reduce the risk of puncture Oblique venous kettle, smooth blood flow, reduce cell damage and air bubbles High-quality connection components, which are in good agreement with each connection component Strong adaptability: It can be used with various models, and there are plenty of optional accessories: bottle pin, waste liquid collection bag, negativ...
  • Disinfection cap

    Disinfection cap

    Product Detail Safe material ● Medical PP material ● Excellent biocompatibility Reliable performance ● Physical barrier,completely protect needle free Connector ●Insulate the air, prevent pollution; Thorough disinfection ●Reduce the rate of CRBSl Simple operation ●Improve the efficiency of nurses International standard design of Luer connector, suitable for infusion connector specification of major brands Suitable for Luer connector in various infusion channels,including IV cannula,Needle fre...
  • 3 way stopcock

    3 way stopcock

    What is medical 3 way stopcocks
    The medical 3 way stopcock we often say is a commonly used connection tool in conveying channels in the medical field, which is mainly used to transport liquids. There are many types of medical tees and they are widely used. The disposable plastic tees are composed of a main part made of plastic material and three valve switch parts made of rubber material.

  • Anti-reflux drainage bag

    Anti-reflux drainage bag

    Product Detail Features Hanging rope design √ Easy to fix the drainage bag Limit switch √ Can control the liquids Spiral pagoda connector √ Suitable for different specifications of catheter Converter connector (Optional) √ Can be connected to a thinner tube Product Code Specification Material Capacity DB-0105 500ml PVC 500ml DB-0115 1500ml PVC 1500ml DB-0120 2000ml PVC 2000ml
  • Double j stent

    Double j stent

    Product Detail Features Soft Tip √ Tapered tip to protect the mucous from damage √ Pigtail part with holes to keep the urine unblocked. Imported Polymer materials √ Excellent PU material,prefect biocompatibility √ Clear scale marking for easy positioning √ Radiopaque tubing Innovative multi-direction hole designs √ Patent of multi-direction holes designs,more safe and smooth to drainage, more assured for patients Complete set with accessories √ Complete configurations,individual pa...
  • Needle free connectors

    Needle free connectors

    Product Detail Features Avoid injuries √ No needle is required for puncture when connection Easy observation √ Transparent material √ Easy to observe Safe material √ Medical grade PC material. Excellent biocompatibility √ DEHP free Strong bacteriostatic ability √ Simple interior design √ Smooth surface √ Microorganisms have nowhere to hide Needle Free Y Product code Type Specification SJ-NY00 Needle Free Y One Needle Free Y without extension tube SJ-NY01 Needle Free Y One-Wa...
  • Urinary catheter

    Urinary catheter

    Product Detail √ It is made of imported medical grade silicone material √ The silicone foley catheter has a larger inner lumen for better drainage than the same size one made from latex of PVC √ No urate crystal and irritation occurs during intubation, thus catheter-associated urethral infection can be avoided √ Silicone foley catheter is widely accepted because of better biocompatibility and indwelling period can be 30 days, which can reduce trauma to urethra caused by repeated intubati...
  • Wound retractor

    Wound retractor

    Product Detail Applications 360°wound protection and avoid the friction of the incision Type A is made of polyurethane with good biocompatibility; Type B is made of silicone with g ood biocompatibility Isolating incision site from abdominal viscera to reduce postoperative complication Maximum open incision to provide a clear operative field, protect incision from damage reduce operation time, and improve quality of surgery Maintain moisture at the wound margins Uniform tension to re...
  • Nasal biliary drainage catheter

    Nasal biliary drainage catheter

    Product Detail Applications Flexibility and stiffness √ The drainage catheter provide the perfect combination of flexibility and stiffness Radiopacity √ The drainage catheter is radiopaque,which makes it easy to confirm the placement Right and Left Hepatic Ducts Choledochus Smooth Surface √ The drainage catheter is designed with a smooth distal end to minimize damage to the biliry tract Suitability √ Two types of connector are available Intended Use: √ Used for temporary endoscopic ...
  • Suction connection tube

    Suction connection tube

    Product Detail Applications Indications: √ Used for suction and drainage of waste fluid in patients’ bodies Applications: √ ICU, Anesthesiology, Oncology, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology. Features: √ The tube and connector are made of medical grade PVC material √ The tube has high elasticity and softness, which can prevent the tube from breaking and kinking,caused by the negative pressure,and ensure the unimpeded flow of waste liquid Product Code Specification Materia...
  • Endotracheal tube

    Endotracheal tube

    Product Detail
  • Syringe


    Product Detail
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