• Nasogastric tubes

    Nasogastric tubes

    PVC is suitable for gastrointestinal decompression and short-term tube feeding;PUR high-end material, good biocompatibility, little irritation to the patient’s nasopharyngeal and digestive tract mucosa, suitable for long-term tube feeding;

  • Enteral feeding sets

    Enteral feeding sets

    Our disposable enteral feeding sets have four types for different nutritional preparations: bag pump set, bag gravity set, spike pump set and spike gravity set, regular and ENFit connector.

    If nutritional preparations are bagged or canned powder, bag sets will be chosen. If bottled/bagged standard liquid nutritional preparations, spike sets will be chosen.

    Pump sets can be used in many different brands of Enteral feeding pump.

  • Enteral feeding pump

    Enteral feeding pump

    Choose continuous or intermittent infusion mode, the infusion mode for patients with different gastrointestinal functions which will help patients to carry out nutrition feeding as soon as possible
    Screen off function during operation, night operation does not affect patient’s rest; the running light and alarm light indicate the pump running status when the screen is off
    Add engineering mode, carry out speed correction, key test, check running log, alarm Code

  • PICC


    • PICC Line
    • Catheter Stabilization Device
    • Information for Use (IFU)
    • IV Catheter w/ Needle
    • Scalpel, safety


  • TPN bag

    TPN bag

    Disposable infusion bag for parenteral nutrition (hereinafter referred to as TPN bag), suitable for patients who need parenteral nutrition treatment

  • Oral enteral dispenser ENFit syringe

    Oral enteral dispenser ENFit syringe

    The oral enteral dispensers are assembled by barrel, plunge


  • CVC


    1. The design of Delta wing shape will reduce the friction when it is fixed onto patient’s body. It makes patient feel much more comfortable. It is safer and more reliable.

    2. Use medical grade PU material which is specifically used for human body indwelling. It is with excellent biocompatibility and chemical stability, as well as superior elasticity. The material will soften itself automatically to protect the vascular tissue under body temperature.

  • Patient monitor

    Patient monitor

    Standard:  ECG, Respiration, NIBP, SpO2, Pulse Rate, Temperature-1

    Optional:  Nellcor SpO2, EtCO2,IBP-1/2, Touch screen, Thermal Recorder, Wall mount, Trolley, Central stationHDMITemperature-2

  • Maternal&Fetal monitor

    Maternal&Fetal monitor


    Optional: Twin Monitoring,FAS(Fetal Acoustic Simulator)

  • ECG


    Product Detail 3 Channel ECG 3 channel ECG machine with interpretation 5.0’’ color TFT LCD display Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition and 1, 1+1, 3 channel (Manual/Auto) recording with high resolution thermal printer Manual/Auto working modes Use digital isolation technology and digital signal processing Baseline stabilization inspection Full alphanumeric silicon keyboard Support U disk storage 6 Channel ECG 6 channel ECG machine with interpretation 5.0” color TFT LCD display Simul...
  • Infusion pump

    Infusion pump

    Standard: Drug library, History record, Heating function, Drip detector, Remote control

  • Syringe pump

    Syringe pump

    Product Detail √ 4.3” color segment LCD screen, backlight display, can be used in various lighting conditions √ Simultaneous display: Time, Battery indication, Injection state, Mode, Speed, Injection volume and time, Syringe size, Alarm sound, Block, Accuracy, Body weight, Drug dose and liquid amount √ Speed, time, volume and drug amount can be adjusted via remote control, easier operation, save time of doctor and nurse √ Advanced technology, based on Linux system, more safe and st...
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